The Meaning Of The Betting Limits – British Study Clarifies

When, due to the corona pandemic, many players played more or even started to gamble last year, many countries decided on a betting limit for online casinos. This new limit should increase player protection. The hope was that players would bet less, even if many found loopholes to circumvent the limit. Now there is a British study that shows how useful a bet limit is.

To put it in a nutshell: a state-set wagering limit doesn’t go down very well. If the players are allowed to set the limit themselves, this is even set lower . The British study found that 46 percent of all players bet less when they are allowed to set the limit themselves. Thus, a legal limit does not bring the desired success.

The study was designed so that all respondents were divided into three groups. Each group was shown a different online casino page with different betting limits. Those who have not been shown a limit set a lower limit on their own. If it was pretended that the players were allowed to deposit a maximum of 1000 GBP, they set almost 500 GBP – more than in the other group.

This study calls into question all the limits set by law . If the players are given an amount by law, the players are willing to bet more.

The result of the study: online casinos are safe

Many experts have always questioned the sense of betting limits. After all, each player could determine how much he would like to bet at each online casino . Many casinos also offer a loss limit. Thanks to these two options, online casinos have always offered a high level of player protection. It is also questionable whether a loss limit makes more sense than a bet limit . After all, it would be possible to make a greater loss with a smaller amount. The loss still has to be compensated and many become over-indebted.

At least that’s what it looks like when responsible gamblers try their luck at slot machines or roulette . These customers may not take advantage of the full bonus if this involves making a large deposit. Therefore it becomes clear why the governments define an employment limit at all . It is intended for the gamblers who play risky. However, this group of players knows many tricks to circumvent the security measures presented by the gambling providers.

It can be seen with excitement whether the new study will lead to some countries lowering the betting limits again. In view of the fact that the new German State Treaty on Gambling has still not been ratified, the question arises here as well whether the desired limit will be changed.

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