Carton & Item Label Evaluation

Model for Standard Electronic Item Records (Instructions in PDF)

Model for Standard Electronic Item Records (Sample File in Excel)

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Linking Inventory Management and Supply Chain Control (A101)

Sunrise 2005 (Global Bar Code and Numbering) (A206)

Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Executive Overview

Product Identification Labeling and Shipment

Vital Items Checklist

Supply Chain Foundation Guide (SCF)

1. Introduction – Information flow in the supply chain, How to use the documents

2. Supply Chain Overview & Benefits

3. Organizing The Labeling Project

4. Understanding the GS1 System

Label Implementation Guide (LIG)

5. Implementing GS1 Labeling Project

6. Implementing Serial Shipping Container Code

7. Bar Code Print Quality



Pet Industry Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Vital Items: Shipping Labels

Consistent shipping information presented on uniform and legible labels enables best practices throughout the entire supply chain. This section explains the elements of information that should be contained on master-pack, inner-pack or storage cases used to ship product. If the shipment is to be linked to an electronic document called an “advanced shipping notice” (ASN), a bar code contained on the label is used to link the shipment to the ASN number found on the electronic document.

What does this provide?

All of the material handling functions can be improved and in some cases automated if there is uniformity in packaging, labeling and documentation. Not only will handling costs be reduced but administrative costs associated with shipping errors and damage can be eliminated.

Vital Items

  1. Application of Labels to Cartons
    • Overall requirements
    • Legible
    • Can use multiple label on required number of sides
    • No stenciling
  2. Carton and Pallet Shipping Labels – labeled on two sides, Standard ASN label – Barcode recommended:
    • Vendor Name and Return Address
    •  Store or D.C. Name, #, Address
    • Country Code
    • Purchase Order Number
    • SKU/Article #
    • Quantity (retail units/yards)
    • Total number of carton or pallet  #(1of X)
    • EAN/UCC SSCC bar code
    •  Other info space
    • Special Orders
      • Red label on side of box
      • Master Carton on label 

    Special handling instructions if applicable.

Standards Policy

Pet Industry Guidelines