Carton & Item Label Evaluation

Model for Standard Electronic Item Records (Instructions in PDF)

Model for Standard Electronic Item Records (Sample File in Excel)

Slide Shows

Linking Inventory Management and Supply Chain Control (A101)

Sunrise 2005 (Global Bar Code and Numbering) (A206)

Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Executive Overview

Product Identification Labeling and Shipment

Vital Items Checklist

Supply Chain Foundation Guide (SCF)

1. Introduction Information flow in the supply chain, How to use the documents

2. Supply Chain Overview & Benefits

3. Organizing The Labeling Project

4. Understanding the GS1 System

Label Implementation Guide (LIG)

5. Implementing GS1 Labeling Project

6. Implementing Serial Shipping Container Code

7. Bar Code Print Quality



Pet Industry Guidelines for Product ID, Labels and Shipments (GPID)

Executive Overview

Productivity is not really about the latest technology it is really about being a good partner. Good partners use a modest amount of technology like the Internet, Bar Codes (and perhaps RFID) to enable the flow of information up and down the supply chain. Most importantly, good partners use standards to communicate information so they can avoid the cost of special conditions for each of their trading partners.

The Pet Industry wants all its members, large and small, distributors and manufacturers to thrive. So we have begun The Partners in Productivity Program to enable our members to:

  • Have one common Internet location containing the latest information about  guidelines for product identification, labeling and shipments.
  • Present the information in an easily digestible form
  • Provide foundation and implementation information for those just beginning their involvement
  • Explain general concepts and benefits so trading partners and have a common vision to establish common goals

How it Works