Illegal Online Casinos Advertise In Sweden

Last year, the Swedish government decided to impose stricter measures on online casinos. One reason was the increased gambling during the lockdown. The new regulations should increase player protection and will be extended for this reason. Maybe they should apply in the long term. But the government has not thought of one thing: Illegal online casinos are taking advantage of this situation.

Actually, it’s pretty bold: illegal online casinos advertise in Sweden that they do not have a license and therefore have no restrictions. Apparently they think that all the rules set by the government don’t apply to unlicensed casinos. The Swedish supervisory authority found sentences such as: Would you like to play despite the game break? Then you are right with us. The advertising sentences sound like this or similar. This definitely also addresses problem gamers.

The point of a break in play or even a ban is certainly not that the players turn to illegal online casinos. These providers also advertise that they have no bet or time limit. This definitely undermines player safety. But how does the supervisory authority deal with it? Strangely enough, they don’t intervene immediately, but rather consider how to proceed. The online casinos, which are listed as yellow, are a “problem”. These are online casinos based in a European country that also work with well-known game manufacturers. Whether these gambling providers actually act contrary to the law is still being examined

Red online casinos are falling out

The situation is different with the online casinos that are listed as red in Sweden. These are mainly providers based on Curacao. Such casinos would only have to apply for a license in Sweden and would receive it – without further tests. These casinos do not have to offer security measures to protect the players. Sweden is taking strict action against these providers and blocked at least 130 pages in 2019.

As soon as such casinos start promoting the aforementioned, the regulator would of course act against it. In particular, the lack of betting limit is a problem. This was set and extended during the first lockdown last year. It is currently even being considered whether the gaming law in Sweden will be completely revised and whether the betting limit should remain in place in the long term.

This is how you recognize reputable casinos

Another reason why Sweden does not immediately take action against all advertising casinos is as follows: According to a study, most players in Sweden generally sign up at a licensed casino. Only a very small proportion would turn to unlicensed online casino malaysia free credit. However, most also admit that they can’t necessarily tell the difference between the two.

But how do you recognize reputable casinos? Of course, these do not advertise that they are circumventing the law. Serious gaming providers give their players the option of setting their own betting limit. Some others even offer a loss limit that makes even more sense. A loss could ultimately lead to over-indebtedness. Furthermore, legal casinos always present a few institutions that a customer addicted to gambling can turn to. Only if a casino voluntarily offers such security measures is it a reputable provider. Of course, the casino must always have been licensed by a regulatory authority before it offers table games and slots .

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