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[TB102] Bar Code Printing

Class Instructor: Rick Bushnell

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Class Description:

Bar code printing something we take for granted when someone else is responsible for it; something we sometimes fear when we are responsible for it. Regardless of where or by whom bar code symbols are printed on product packaging, labels, or any media, a few basic rules apply.

While not a technically rigorous class, this session takes a look at the basic rules of bar code printing. Topics include: What symbology? What size? What placement? What colors? What quality?

While some consideration is given in this session to the various print methodologies available both off-site and on-site, the bulk of the time is spent on decisions that must be made by the entity responsible for the packaging or the label, regardless of the print methodology chosen.

Anyone with responsibility for package graphics, bar code label production, or package/label quality assurance will benefit from this session.  Without recommending any manufacturer, the session syllabus includes a website listing, with specific URLs, of representative printer manufacturers.

This session is designed to enable the attendee to be a better-informed customer when the time comes to make a decision about bar code printing.

Session TB102 is the second of four related sessions which include (in sequence) TB101 Bar Code Symbologies; TB102 Printing; TB203 Verification; and TB103 Scanning.


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