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Sales and Marketing people need information and systems to enable customers to select and buy products. They must use Content including Field Naming, Mobile Codes, Video, Photos and descriptions to drive sales and product development included in the guidelines. They may also need to know about the transitional information used to move products thought the supply chain.

The Amazon Effect - A number of BSA members have recognized Amazon as strong competitor. How big is it really? Will they have stores? What is the mystery? This 13 minute video provides a great overview of the company and what make it “tick.” Jim Tompkins, Tompkins International provides a high energy yet easy to understand presentation.

QR Code 101: What is it, How is it used? Why should I care?
YouTube presentation - General background and getting started information about applications involving QR code, 2D bar code technology. Explains the Concept◦ How Did We Get where we are? General history, brief overview of the technology, applications – Problems mobile codes solve, Implementation concerns including tricks and traps along with considerations for Best Practices

Content That Connects Consumers to Products: QR Codes and Other Mobile Engagement Tools
YouTube presentation - Getting started overview telling about various technologies that use mobile computing to connect consumers to content. Presentation Jumps off form QR code to other different technologies Near Field Communication (NFC), Image Recognition, Digital Watermarking, Augmented Reality - Parrish Gust- RR Donnelley

How to Create GREAT Ad Copy: Flyers, Catalogs, eMail, Web Site
YouTube presentation Great primer, checklists, for creating general copy, Flyers, Catalogs, eMail, Web Site, including tricks and traps along with considerations for Best Practices - Mike Metchikoff- OPMA Inc.

How to Create GREAT Photographic Images
Today's environment it is becoming increasingly difficult to connect with the product user. When looking at a web page we need to think about “What it doesn’t say.” This presentation provides insight into content management as it relates to images and photographs. Overview and place to get started for those who need to use images to enhance consumer content in web site catalogs. Standards - Photography and Images - Provided by Incomar and Midwest Resource Group - Key take-a-ways
1. Leave with more questions than answers – make you want to learn more
2. Plan and budget for all your new Rich Content
3. Enhanced Images is about communicating to your audience and results in increased sales
4. Takes time – 3 different ways to save – hi, med, low, crop, ping, = process
5. Understand syndication, internet, print

Standard Item Record
This overview document provides a link into the BSA transaction related standards. The product identification number that is found in the bar code is used to access different data files in a variety of computer systems.

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