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Distribution and Logistics people – Need information necessary to receive, store, pick and transfer. They rely on the information obtained during procurement activities on the receiving side of the operation and Order entry activities on the delivery side of the operation.

Although they will be most involved with transactional information and functions including bar codes, product labeling and packaging standards necessary to move products it might be a good idea to know about Content including Field naming, Mobile codes, video, Photos and descriptions used to drive sales and product development are included in the guidelines.

The Amazon Effect
A number of BSA members have recognized Amazon as strong competitor. How big is it really? Will they have stores? What is the mystery? This 13 minute video provides a great overview of the company and what make it “tick.” Jim Tompkins, Tompkins International provides a high energy yet easy to understand presentation. Related to The New Demand Driven Supply Chain (Overview) (Detail)

The New Demand Driven Supply Chain (Overview) (Detail)
This is related to the The Amazon Effect. Your competitors are doing it! Why not You? Whether you are in Sales and Marketing where you creating demand, Purchasing or Manufacturing where you are meeting demand, or in Order Entry or Distribution/Logistics where you are delivering on demand. You should know about the NEW Demand...Much more integrated, real time driven and multi channel than you might believe.

Best Practices
Through our trade association, we identify issues and collectively benchmark them to find the ones with the greatest impact in trading partner relationships. Then we agree to a way to handle the activity or process so that our members can see improvements to their bottom line.

Linking Products and Information Flow
Narrated e-presentation - Linking the flow of information and products is fundamental to understanding how all the activities in the supply chain are related to the use of the U.P.C. and GTIN barcode method of product identification. This explains the BSA transactional standards, communication that enables products to flow through the supply chain and the benefits of using the information that the standards provide.

Standard Item Record
This overview document provides a link into the BSA transaction related standards. The product identification number that is found in the bar code is used to access different data files in a variety of computer systems.

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